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Our Researchers

Alexander K. Ball

B.Sc. (Hon) Dalhousie University 1977
Ph.D. Dalhousie University 1982 (Supervisor Dr. D. H. Dickson)
Postdoctoral Fellow (MRC, AHFMR; 1982-84; Supervisor Dr. W. K. Stell)
Assistant Professor (Anatomy, McMaster, 1982-1987)
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences, McMaster, 1987-1992)
Professor (Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster, 1992-present)
Visiting Professor (Physiology, University of Michigan, 1990)

Dr. Ball’s Lab Group 2009
Dr. Ball’s lab group 2009
Thomas Sabljic (BSc 2008, MSc candidate),
Marc Succi (BSc 2009, MD student at Harvard),
Michael Duong (BSc 2004, PhD candidate),
Dr. Karlo Hockmann (PhD 2008, MD student Ireland)