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Subventions de recherche 2002-2003

  • The Canadian Glaucoma Study
    – Dr. Chauhan
  • Neurodegeneration of an Eye Movement Brain Centre in Glaucoma: The Superior Colliculus
    – Dr. Yeni Yucel and Dr. Neeru Gupta
  • Investigation of Diurnal Variation in Intra-Ocular Pressure, Optic Nerve Head Topography and Anterior Optic Nerve Blood Flow
    – Dr. John Flanagan and Dr. Mitra Sehi
  • Further Dissection of Molecular Risk Factors for Glaucoma
    – Dr. Elise Heon
  • Prostaglandin Efficacy and Safety Study Undertaken by Race (PRESSURE)
    – Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Birt
  • Investigation of the Effect of Estrogen on the Retinal Vessel and Optic Nerve Head Hemodynamics in a Normal Population of Women
    – Dr. Mark Lesk