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Subventions de recherche 2008

Researchers received more than $170,000 in research grants for the following projects:

  • Studying the Function of Lymphatic Channels in the Eye to Improve Fluid Drainage
  • Inhaling Carbon Dioxide and Its Effect on Blood Vessels in the Eye
  • Comparing the Precision of Two Instruments in Mapping Visual Field Defects in Patients with Advanced Glaucoma
  • Studying the Link between Elevated Anticardiolipin Antibodies and Glaucomatous Visual Field Progression
  • Conducting a Study to Assess the Validity of Self-reported Glaucoma in Canadians
  • Detecting Glaucomatous Optic Nerve Damage by Comparing Rim and Disc Area Asymmetry Ratios
  • Studying a Clinical Application for Flicker Defined Form
  • Studying the Role of a Peptide in Protecting the Eye from the Outside World
  • Using A Molecular Approach to Understand the Cause of Glaucoma
  • Studying the Response of Human Optic Nerve Cells to Different Modes of Mechanical Strain
  • Studying the Role of Immune Cells in Retinal Cell Survival.

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