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Subventions de recherche 2009

Researchers received more than $205,000 in research grants for the following projects:

  • Determining the Usefulness of the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) in Monitoring Glaucoma Progression – Dr. Dimitrios Kourkoutas, Dr. Yvonne M. Buys
  • Mapping the Lymphatic Outflow Pathway in the Mouse Eye – Dr. Neeru Gupta, Dr. Yeni H. Yücel
  • Studying the Awareness and Knowledge of Glaucoma among Black People in Toronto – Dr. Yaping Jin
  • Studying the Association between Prescription Drugs containing Sulpha and Glaucoma – Dr. Mahyar Etminan
  • Studying the Role of Immune Cells in Retinal Cell Survival – Dr. Alexander K. Ball
  • Studying the Role of the Protein, Endothelin-1, (ET-1) in Glaucoma – Dr. Xu Wang
  • Inhaling Carbon Dioxide and Its Effect on Blood Vessels in the Eye – Dr. Chris Hudson, Dr. John G. Flanagan
  • Studying Nerve Growth Factors and Receptors in Glaucoma – Dr. Yeni H. Yücel, Dr. Neeru Gupta
  • Determining if Regulating Endocannabinoid Levels Provides Retinal Protection following Ischemia and Optic Nerve Injury – Dr. Melanie Kelly
  • Evaluating Long-Term Corneal Cell Loss associated with Glaucoma Surgeries – Dr. Lesya Shuba
  • Studying the Response of Human Optic Nerve Cells to Different Modes of Mechanical Strain – Dr. John G. Flanagan
  • Comparing Different Types of Tonometry following Corneal Surgery – Dr. Ian Mcilraith

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