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Call for Submissions - Seed Money Is Available For Glaucoma Research

Glaucoma Research Society of Canada is now accepting applications*.
The maximum amount awarded per project is $25,000.

The deadline for submission is December 4th, 2023. Applicants will be notified of their results by May 31, 2024.

*Terms & Conditions

To submit an application, please click here.

Applicants will be asked for the following items on the Portal:

Title of proposal, author’s name and amount of funding requested;

Applicant(s) contact details, including institute signing authority;

CV of the principal investigator and co-applicants;

A breakdown of the proposed budget;

For new proposals: a description of the proposal is required where the applicant will be asked to summarize the objective, hypothesis and plan of the research proposal using a maximum of 700 words. A space will be provided to attach the full proposal (max 3 pages not including references, appendices, tables or figures) using a file uploader.

For the renewal of a current project: a max 1 page description of how the previous grant assisted your project process is required along with a max. 2 page description of the research as it is to be continued.
Please note: only two renewals of projects previously funded by the Glaucoma Research Society of Canada will be considered. 

Applicant Eligibility:

a) Current University appointment
b) Academic Research Program: Masters or PHD Thesis. Include name of supervising preceptor: University or Academic Hospital                
c) Post Doctoral Student Studies/Clinical Research Fellowships. Include name of supervising Clinician Researcher in Canada
d) Support will be provided for trainees if they meet the following criteria:
The trainee is a student at a recognized university (e.g. an undergraduate science student or undergraduate medical student);
The research is conducted in a formal academic research program in a research hospital or university;
The research is supervised by a glaucoma specialist or glaucoma researcher

Required Documents:
1. Degrees and diplomas, including dates and confirming institutions (attach sheets as required)

2. Publications in peer reviewed journals during the past 10 years (attach sheets as required)
3. Other grants, including any overlapping grant submissions or parallel applications (attach abstracts)


If you require assistance or further information, please contact:

Glaucoma Research Society of Canada’s Administrator
Tel: 416-483-0200 or toll free 1-877-483-0204
Mail: Glaucoma Research Society of Canada
1929 Bayview Avenue, Suite 215E
Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E8