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Call for Submissions

Seed money is available for glaucoma research. The Glaucoma Research Society of Canada invites applications for 2020 grants for research projects on glaucoma. The amount of funding for 2020 is under review.

Deadline To Apply: Friday December 20, 2019

Only two renewals of projects previously funded by the Glaucoma Research Society of Canada will be considered.

The maximum amount of funding $20,000 per research proposal.

Submissions exceeding the maximum number of pages specified on the forms will not be considered.

Please read the Terms and Conditions found here.

New Online Application Process

New for 2020 is our online application process. If you are a researcher and have not signed up, click here. After you sign up and your account has been approved, you can apply here.

Web Browser Compatibility

Please make sure you are using a relatively up to date version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari when using the Research Module. Other browsers, including Internet Explorer (especially on versions less than 11) are known to to have issues and are not compatible with many of the features of the Research Module, including submitting proposals and reviews.

If you require assistance of further information, please contact:

Mary Ghazalian, Administrator
Glaucoma Research Society of Canada
1929 Bayview Avenue, Suite 215E
Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E8

Tel: 416-483-0200 or toll free 1-877-483-0204

All applications will be prioritized according to a peer review process and results will be made available by the end of May 2020.