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Our Researchers

Jeremy M. Sivak, PhD

Dr. Jeremy SivakDr. Sivak was recently appointed to the Glaucoma Research Chair at the Toronto Western Hospital Research Institute, and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

His work studies the molecular pathways directing tissue damage and repair responses in the eye.

He received his graduate training at the New England Medical Center/Tufts University in Boston, MA, followed by postdoctoral research at the Wellcome Trust funded Gurdon Institute, at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Prior to his appointment in Toronto, Dr. Sivak was a project leader at Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company, where he ran an ophthalmic drug discovery laboratory to identifying molecular targets and drug candidates to treat various eye diseases, as well as investigations in ocular drug delivery.

He aims to apply this industry experience towards his current research program aimed at understanding the basic mechanisms resulting in retinal and optic nerve damage in patients with glaucoma, and developing new strategies for treatment and prevention of their vision loss.